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EMS Mother prophylaxis

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Nine months of intense togetherness begin. You can protect your child even before birth by taking care of your own oral hygiene.

Any questions?

We will be happy to advise you in detail about the services of our dental practice for children in Mainz. Simply make an appointment!

EMS Mutterprophylaxe in der Kinderzahnarztpraxis in Mainz

Why is prophylaxis so important during pregnancy?

When the oral microbial environment and periodontium are healthy, a potential risk factor for preterm birth and reduced birth weight is eliminated. Hormonal changes make you more susceptible to bacterial infections, such as tooth decay and periodontitis. The bacteria, if not treated, can affect your baby through the bloodstream. A healthy lifestyle and optimal oral hygiene, through regular use of our prophylaxis services, are the basis for your child's health.

What is the procedure for professional dental cleaning (PZR)?

First, soft and hard plaque and biofilm are carefully removed. With the help of the special EMS dental instruments, the teeth and interdental spaces are cleaned. The powder jet device is used to remove discoloration. Then the entire oral cavity is rinsed and dried again. Finally, a polish and a fluoride sealant are applied to the tooth surfaces. This hardens the tooth enamel to make it more difficult for bacteria to penetrate the tooth structure.

Is a PZR painful?

During treatment, the gums and necks of the teeth are only slightly irritated. In the case of sensitive teeth, a slight pinching or pulling may occur. However, this quickly subsides.

How time-consuming is a PZR?

A PZR takes 30 minutes on average. Depending on the condition of your teeth, the treatment may take longer.

Does my statutory health insurance cover the cost of PZR?

Statutory health insurers usually do not cover the costs of a PZR. It is billed according to the private fee schedule and costs approx. 120 EUR. You will have to cover these costs yourself as long as you do not have private supplementary dental insurance.


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