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Pacifier weaning

As experts in pediatric dentistry, we know the advantages and disadvantages of pacifying. On the one hand, it calms your child. On the other hand, pacifying for too long can lead to your child suffering long-term disorders such as jaw deformities and tooth misalignments. We are happy to support you in weaning your child from pacifiers!

Any questions?

We will be happy to advise you in detail about the services of our dental practice for children in Mainz. Simply make an appointment!

Schnullerentwöhnung beim Kinderzahnarzt in Mainz

What are the possible consequences of pacifying?

If pacifier use has caused jaw deformities or tooth misalignments, other health problems may result. For example, your child may breathe more through the mouth instead of the nose, have problems speaking, or the swallowing pattern of your child may change. Muscle tone is also negatively affected by pacifying.

Pacifier weaning - for the dental health of your child

Sometimes the pacifier fairy moves in at your home. The parents get this therapy approach explained in our practice consultation. Sometimes a device like the Dentistar Stoppi or the Muppy is helpful. Our team of dentists will recommend which appliance is most suitable based on your child's oral anatomy and our dental experience.

Dr. Goedecke and her practice team will be happy to support you in the Kamilla dental practice in Mainz in weaning your child from a pacifier. The dental and jaw health of your child is close to our hearts. We are happy to provide you with tips & tricks to help you wean your child off pacifiers.

We maintain a close cooperation with the logolists (logopedic practice, owner Mrs. Schwarz), who are represented in Mainz and Wiesbaden.

How can I prepare my child for pacifier weaning?

Each child has its own personality. Some children feel big when they enter kindergarten and sometimes the Kamilla sucking weaning calendar is helpful, which is also available in our practice.

Hypnosis and therapeutic magic can help for thumb sucking weaning. We have good experience with this as well (and a video with a patient family and therapist Annalisa Neumeyer, who developed therapeutic wizardry).

The pacifier is very important to your child. When weaning, there is a gap which should be filled by another "transitional object". Either by an object, such as a cuddly toy, or another reward. Your child and you could also say goodbye to the pacifier together as part of a farewell ritual.

When should pacifier weaning take place?

To ensure that pacifier use does not cause any long-term damage or disorders, the pacifier should be weaned off as early as possible. As a rule, weaning should take place at the latest when the child is about two and a half years old. In this phase, tooth and jaw misalignments can still regress all by themselves through the natural growth processes.

We recommend the pacifier ,,Curaprox", which is available in the pharmacy and for service also in our prophylaxis store.

The Mycchew - our new product

The Mycchew can help children aged 2-8 years to satisfy the need to suck and positively influence dental arch development



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