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Information for referring colleagues

You are a dentist in Mainz or the region and are looking for a pediatric dental practice to refer a child? We would be happy to inform you with our referral FAQ. If you have any questions, you can of course also contact Dr. Goedecke and the practice team directly at any time.

What dental treatments are performed?

We are happy to discuss the treatment needs for your young patients with you and take on certain therapies in which we specialize as a pediatric and adolescent dental practice. This includes, for example, treatment with laughing gas for children, but also the fabrication of custom-fit pediatric dentures. You can find a comprehensive overview under "Services".

How can I quickly reach Dr. Goedecke as a colleague?

The collegial exchange is particularly important to Dr. Goedecke. Please use our practice telephone number 06131 - 22 22 93 if you would like to reach Dr. Goedecke by a short route. This way we can forward your request or connect you directly.

How can I send X-rays or preliminary findings to Dr. Goedecke?

Please contact the practice team if you would like to forward information about your patients to us. This information can be sent by post or digitally.

Will I be informed after the treatment of my patients in the Kamilla practice?

We will be happy to send you the report on the treatment of your young patients in the form of doctor's letters. Please contact us if you need further information.

Kinder- und Jugendzahnzentrum


Kamilla's team answers 
your most frequently asked questions:

Which devices / procedures are used?

  • X-ray-free approximal caries check by means of cold light probe and diagnostic camera
  • Fissure depth measurement with diagnostic laser gauge
  • Disinfection of deep fissures with ozone or laser (learn more)
  • Ear acupuncture for excessive gag reflex by Dr. Sänger
  • Homeopathic medicines support our therapy in case of difficult tooth eruption, excessive gag reflex and milk tooth fistula.
  • Myobracetherapy : Early treatment can prevent fixed braces.

    My child is very afraid of going to the dentist. What can I do?

    Children pay attention to what their parents do and say. Therefore, avoid paying excessive attention to the appointment. Be calm and do not put your child in a state of excitement. Present the visit as something completely normal. Explain that everyone goes to the dentist to stay healthy.

    An important component in your child's journey to becoming fearless is the on-site experience. Come to the dentist's office with your child for a checkup so that extensive treatment is not necessary on the first visit. This could lead to a negative perception of the visit by your child.

    How long does the first appointment at the pediatric dental practice in Mainz take?

    Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in a blanket manner. The length of the appointment varies depending on the amount of treatment and the needs of your child. If it is about a check-up and getting to know each other first, the appointment will not last longer than 20 minutes. However, we are happy to take the time to explain the treatment procedures to your child and to address your child's individual needs.

    Which of my child's treatments do I have to pay for privately?

    Take a look at our pages on the various services. There you will find information about possible co-payments. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information in our practice. Please do not hesitate to ask.

    Is nitrous oxide treatment suitable for children?

    Yes. The nitrous oxide brings relaxation to the child without making him fall asleep. The American Society of Pediatric Dentistry rates this technique as very safe and effective in treating children's teeth. The gas is gentle, easy to ingest, and with normal breathing, it is quickly eliminated from the body. Nitrous oxide is not addictive. While inhaling nitrous oxide, your child remains fully conscious. Natural reflexes are not impaired.

    When is general anesthesia necessary?

    General anesthesia may be necessary for particularly anxious or even very young children. Or also when a special or extensive dental treatment is necessary for which another form of sedation would not be appropriate.

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