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EMS No-Pain Prophylaxis

Having more information makes it easier for you as parents to make health decisions for your child. This also applies to dental prophylaxis.

We will provide you with detailed information on the classic preventive measures and possible additional services. We use EMS instruments for prophylaxis. In this way, you ensure the optimal dental health of your child.

Any questions?

We will be happy to advise you in detail about the services of our dental practice for children in Mainz. Simply make an appointment!

EMS-Prophylaxe beim Kinderzahnarzt in Mainz

When should dental prophylaxis in children start?

As a general rule, a visit to the pediatric dentist is advisable as soon as the first little tooth appears. This allows us to get to know you and your child, perform an initial checkup and plan appropriate prophylaxis measures in peace and quiet.

Between the ages of 3 and 4, it is usually advisable to have your child's teeth professionally cleaned. With the help of special dental instruments from EMS, your child's teeth are cleaned gently and thoroughly and then fluoridated. This has the advantage that regular prophylaxis brings the oral flora into a balanced condition and the permanent teeth later grow into a healthy oral cavity.

Optimal protection for permanent teeth

Since the permanent teeth in the oral cavity only mature for another four years and are particularly sensitive during this time, a healthy oral flora ensures healthy and undisturbed enamel maturation of the permanent teeth.

Our trained prophylaxis assistant shows your child individually, competently and lovingly how to clean their teeth independently and effectively.

Do you also offer tooth brushing training in Mainz?

During your visit to our dental practice, we will explain to your child how optimal oral hygiene should proceed. All steps of tooth brushing will be explained in a child-friendly way. For information on explicit tooth brushing training, please contact our practice team.

Why should I have prophylaxis performed at the pediatric dental office?

Prevention is better than cure. Prophylaxis is an important part of ensuring your child's dental health for life. In our dental practice we are specialized in dental treatment of children. We know how to explain the treatment process in a child-friendly way and how to take away the fear of dental treatment.


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